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Stock photography for the VRBO website of the Cowpet Bay West condominium complex in St. Thomas, USVI
Cowpet Bay West Amenities_20190720_006Cowpet Bay West Amenities_20190720_009Cowpet Bay West Amenities_20190720_013Cowpet Bay West Amenities_20190720_016Cowpet Bay West Amenities_20190720_019Cowpet Bay West Amenities_20190720_022Cowpet Bay West Amenities_20190720_026Cowpet Bay West Amenities_20190720_031Cowpet Bay West Amenities_20190720_039Cowpet Bay West Amenities_20190720_042Cowpet Bay West Amenities_20190720_045Cowpet Bay West Amenities_20190720_048Cowpet Bay West Amenities_20190720_054Cowpet Bay West Amenities_20190720_057Cowpet Bay West Amenities_20190720_060Cowpet Bay West Amenities_20190720_066Cowpet Bay West Amenities_20190720_069Cowpet Bay West Amenities_20190720_072Cowpet Bay West Amenities_20190720_075Cowpet Bay West Amenities_20190720_078

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